Dear friends of international contacts

Dear friends of international contacts,
some translations are now available online:


Translations into English of the Competence Initiative brochures about bees and genes and also translations into German of the summary of the Bioinitiative Reports and an interview with Cindy Sage.

All these texts can be found on our web site under the columns "International" and "Online".

They can be downloaded for free in two versions: in a web/screen version and in a print version (high resolution). From the print version every digital print shop or offset print factory can produce a paper version of best quality.

We want to thank all those who have helped to make this offer possible.
Donations will be regarded as a sign of gratitude and will be invested in the further development of international exchange.

Best regards
Karl Richter

Bees, Birds and Mankind The bioscientist Ulrich Warnke knows the electromagnetic workings of nature better than most. In this brochure, which opens a new science series by independent scientists, medical doctors, and technicans...

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Dt. Zusammenfassung des Bioinitiative-Report Der 2007 veröffentlichte Bioinitiative Report ist ein bedeutender Meilenstein in der Erforschung der Wirkung hochfrequenter wie niederfrequenter elektromagnetischer Felder. Die Auswertung von rund ...