How Susceptible Are Genes

Brochure 3

How Susceptible Are Genes
to Mobile Phone Radiation?

State of the Research –
Endorsements of Safety and
Controversies – Self-Help Recommendations
With Articles by Franz Adlkofer, Igor Y. Belyaev, Karl Richter, Vladislav M. Shiroff, 2008

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About this Brochure

In their articles, the experts in biomedicine and biosciences Prof. Franz Adlkofer, Prof. Igor Y. Belyaev, and Vladislav M. Shiroff show the broad range of international research efforts that document DNA and chromosome damages as well as chronic diseases resulting from electromagnetic radiation exposures. This is about non-thermal effects well below current exposure limits. UMTS radiation turns out to be especially hazardous.

"The endorsement of safety by the German Mobile Telecommunication Research Programme regarding the health risks of mobile phone radiation is based rather on wishful thinking than facts," says Franz Adlkofer. Exposure limits that do not account for non-thermal effects or the exposure duration do not provide protection but are rather unsafe. In commissions and research programs, which are paid by the public for the protection of its health, those scientists set the tone whose main objective it is to issue endorsements of safety and support existing exposure limits. They pursue "witch hunts" against allegedly fraudulant laboratories. But obviously they do not realize that their denial of the international body of evidence is the most offensive of all scientific frauds possible. Since this turns the entire population into potential victims.

As long as this is supposed to be the "independent" research the public and environment is at the mercy of, we should not expect any protection or precaution from the government, reasons Prof. Karl Richter. It seems to be more imperative than ever before that independent scientists and responsible citizens—with the support of foundations and environmentally minded sponsors—take the organization of independent health protection projects into their own hands, as a program for self-help. The brochure provides recommendations to this end.